insipidicons (insipidwalls) wrote in hf_icons,

Take Me Home

I haven't updated in a while. I thought since I've been ube stressed that making sexually suggestive Harry Potter icons could releave some of that. Here goes. These are Harry Potter, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and my own humor: 

Teasers (that tease you.)


Hallo dear lovers.

1. The idea was from inspirethem who makes the most beautiful icons ever. 
7. I got the idea from autumn_riley
11. Was a special request by Molly.

I DO take special request. I take ALL REQUESTS, do please don't be shy. Also before I go, I should tell you about the Spring Madness event Hitherston is having for all graphic designers. 

It's for all graphic designer's!! And I'd really like to see you there. I'm CocaineZombie at the forums, send me a PM. =)
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